ip_conntrack table full

ip_conntrack: table full, dropping packetAt one point, there was high call volume into our support center of customers complaining about severe lag. One common denominator was that the customer base

Setup yum repo from DVD ISO

How to set up a yum repo from locally mounted DVD ISOMount the iso to /mnt In the case of redhat, copy the media.repo file from the root dir of the mount point to /etc/yum.repos.d. Edit the file and

Advanced techniques using unix 'find'

I found this article on IBMs Developer Works site and had to put it here! Some of this is basic, but it’s a good read nonetheless. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of exploring, discovering new

Resize an iscsi LUN in Linux

How To Resize an iscsi LUN in LinuxNetApp storage systems also allow you to resize a LUN dynamically; however, the iSCSI layer in Linux is not capable of detecting the change in the LUN size. To displ

How To Rescan Linux for a New LUN

How to rescan Linux for newly presented LUNsThis article focuses on utilizing the lun_scan utility provided by Emulex No-Reboot Dynamic Target/LUN Discovery Tool. This tool is part of the Emulex Driv

How to Install Teradata Client 13.10

How to install Teradata Client 13.10 64bit on RedHat 6 x86_64!!! note This does not cover installation from the CDROM media. The procedure below pertains to downloading the software from Teradata,

Add and Delete null routes

Simple set of commands for how to add and delete a null route: Adding a null routeroute add <ip address> gw Deleting a null routeroute delete <ip address> gw

Add Disk without Rebooting

How to add a disk to a Linux System without rebootingIt is possible to add a new hard disk without a reboot. Whether or not it is a physical server where a physical disk was inserted into an availabl

Add New LUN via EMC powerpath

How to add a new LUN using EMC Navisphere and powerpathOverview Create a new LUN on an EMC Clariion CX3-40 via Navisphere Assign LUN to proper Storage Group Use powermt to bring LUN in and configure i