Run RabbitMQ as a non-root user

By default, the provided Fedora / RHEL RabbitMQ RPM creates a local user account called ‘rabbitmq’. However, the app needs to be started by the root user, which starts the service as the rabbitmq use

How to configure rsyslog 7.4.9 with TLS

How to configure rsyslog 7.4.9 with TLS If you’re looking to encrypt syslog transmissions between client and server, you can do so via rsyslog with TLS. Please see the external link to rsyslog.com be

Redirect command line results into while loop

In a scenario where there are various config files contained throughout various subdirectories where one needs to commit mass updates quickly, it’s possible to redirect the results of a command into a

Daily Log Maintenance

For systems that have lots of application logs, this shell script can be run from cron on a daily basis to maximize space utiliazation by gzipping and deleting old log files by the defined time limita

curl with cookie authentication

How to download files from sites requiring authenticationHave you ever logged into a website that requires you login before you can download a file? Subsequently, a simple ‘copy-link’ option does not

concatenate a file list into a string

Example 1kreese@myvps:arp $ 206.188

ternary example

Just a quick little example on ternary bash syntax. [[ $member = *mongodbarb* ]] && port=30000 || port=27017 Examplereese@MacBook ~ $ node=webserver01 reese@MacBook ~ $ [[ $node = *webserver*

couldn't find device with uuid

Linux LVM commands result in Couldn’t find device with uuid Couldn’t find all physical volumes for volume group Help! Commands like lvs, lvdisplay, vgdisplay, and pvscan result in an error like the