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Create logical volume using lvm

This example uses a local hard disk to create a logical volume. partition the disk as normal using fdisk. I new the fdisk options ahead of time from having done this before. EDS etldev1 ~ # FDISK_C

Enable auto logoff

Enabling automatic logoffSystems can be set to automatically logoff a user after a period of activity by setting some parameters: Linux/Solaris /etc/profile AIX /etc/security/.profile Parameter decl

Create chroot jail with openssh

How to create a chroot jail with openssh (sftp only)This write up describes how to utilize openssh to setup a chroot jail for sftp connections within the CentOS family. I tried & tried to install

cron tips

Cron tipscrontab formatHere’s a quick comment that can be added to users crontabs as a reminder to the crontab format: # m h dom mon dow command There are various ways to schedule a command to run, su

directory index full

How to handle “Directory index full” messages in syslogkernel: EXT3-fs warning (device dm-3): ext3_dx_add_entry: Directory index full! On systems in which this is being constantly logged to syslog, th

Set static and default gateway in route-eth file

Define default gateway in route-eth file[root@linux01 ~]# cat /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/route-eth1default via dev eth1 Define default gateway in /etc/sysconfig/network:[root@linux01 ~

How To Check If LFS is Enabled

To check if a file system supports the LFS (Large File System) standard, you can use the getconf command. If the result is 64, LFS is supported. getconf FILESIZEBITS / In the example above, the root

Failed to activate lv

Failed to activate new LVEDS etlprod2 ~ # lvcreate -l 14645 -n lv_dwstore vg_etlprod2 Not activating vg_etlprod2/lv_dwstore since it does not pass activation filter. Failed to activate new LV. Resol

Extracting initrd

How to extract and view contents of initrdDepending on your version of linux, the /boot/initrd may be one of two formats: cpio archive ext2 filesystem data The easiest way to determine what you’re w