Failed to activate lv

Failed to activate new LV

EDS etlprod2 ~ # lvcreate -l 14645 -n lv_dwstore vg_etlprod2
Not activating vg_etlprod2/lv_dwstore since it does not pass activation filter.
Failed to activate new LV.


Within my LVM configuration, I defined host tags by setting hosttags = 1 within the tags section as follows in /etc/lvm/lvm.conf.

tags { hosttags = 1 }

Because of this, I was unable to create a new logical volume within a volume group. Why is this? Because the volume group was not tagged. After tagging the volume group, I was then allowed to create a logical volume.

EDS etlprod2 ~ # vgs -o vg_name,vg_tags vg_etlprod2
VG VG Tags
EDS etlprod2 ~ # vgchange --addtag etlprod2 vg_etlprod2
Volume group "vg_etlprod2" successfully changed
EDS etlprod2 ~ # lvcreate -l 14645 -n lv_dwstore vg_etlprod2
Logical volume "lv_dwstore" created